Try These Board Games Featuring Corrupt Governments and Monocle-Wearing Dogs @thedailybeast
Alzheimer's Disease Is Completely Reversed by Removing Just One Enzyme in New Study
America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace
Insta Spotlight: Awards for Good Boys - The Gramlist
Why Trying to Be Less Awkward Never Works
'We can only take so much abuse': Whole Foods suppliers slam 'hellacious' new policies and say rising costs are hurting business - Business Insider
Just Working Harder Won’t Get You Ahead. Working Smarter Will.
Seriously? Trump Calls for Due Process in Tweet: 'Lives Are Being Shattered' by 'Mere' Allegations
A lawsuit over the absence of an Oxford comma was settled for $5 million
Amazon's prepping its own delivery service: FedEx, UPS shares skid on report
“It’s not a drug, but it may as well be”: Expert opinions on whether kids are addicted to tech
When Your Workout Is Also Your Vacation
When Crafted cocktails...
Single or Not, Buy Yourself a Valentine’s Day Present @thedailybeast
How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Even When Everything Is the Worst) @thedailybeast
We are family 🎶
Coffee And Tea Trends: Fuel Or Flavor?
The Coolest (and Most Surprising) Innovations at CES The world’s biggest technology innovation show, CES 2018, just wrapped, and like most who attended, we’re fighting the CES Flu (a product of 150K+
Peace out #ces2018, and congratulations to our partner @optomausa for its official “Best of CES” award for its Alexa-enabled, 4K UHD51A home theater projector. Well deserved! #bestofces #engadget
And on the other side of sin city, we’re with @energous demonstrating the first FCC certified at-a-distance, over-the-air wireless charging #ces2018 #wirelesscharging2dot0
And it’s on - CES blackout comes to an end w/ @digitaltrends @optomausa #ces2018
When your client’s @digitaltrends interview is not likely to happen due to massive blackout @ #ces2018 #cesblackout #optomausa
Never a dull moment at CES! Largest tech show evacuates after power outage #ces2018  #cesafterdark
Happy 2018 to our amazing team, clients, family and friends. We’re looking forward to a great year.
Happy holidays from team @craftedpr ❄️
IAC’s Barry Diller: It took us about 90 seconds to identify Expedia’s new CEO #markokerstrom #expediapartners #expediapartnerconference #travel #thatsawrap
Why Sorry is So Hard to Say by Lisa RobinsonI
can’t remember a time when every where we look we have seen so many brands in
crisis – and so many who didn’t handle it right. Monday Morning quarterbacks
everywhere weighed in on what United Airlines, Pepsi, ...
Advice to Our Younger Peers on International Women’s Day There has never been a better time for women in the workforce –
6 Traits of Great Communicators by Lisa Robinson

People wrongly assume that great communicators are born with a gift for oratory genius. The reality is, most talented communicators work hard at their craft. What separates good from great communicators comes down to a few, but ...
Pitch Perfect: How to Write the Perfect Pitch By Ashley Goncena
With 2 months behind me as an Assistant Account Manager here at Crafted, I’ve pitched a wide variety of products, from peach-themed cocktails, to wireless Bluetooth headphones. Along the way I’ve gained plenty of experience drafting and ...

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