Why Rashida Jones, Ed Sheeran and 3 Other Celebrities Have Taken Breaks From Technology https://t.co/ORfDzaDS1t
Donald Trump is burning every bridge he can, 1 tweet at a time https://t.co/sGoQdXy8gE
More great Expedia time and people - with @expediaforhotels
Why This Church Encourages People to Tweet During Services https://t.co/SkAMG2CICO
When we get together with @ExpediaMedia, good food and good company is always on the agenda https://t.co/VKHikZFIqx
The Trump Administration Just Picked a Big Food Fight With New York City https://t.co/rjNssjhj0u
When @craftedpr and @expedia are together, great food and great company are always on the agenda.
Amazon adds 'Instant Pickup' in U.S. brick-and-mortar push - Reuters https://t.co/2N1G1wyJo7
Americans are shopping. Why aren’t retailers doing better? https://t.co/7V13bEdGnj
The American Workplace Is Even More Stressful Than We Thought https://t.co/TylOOg2MNv
Sue Spinney from @expediaforhotels in closing #hdc17 session with @airbnb @hotel_news_now @mmgyglobal on democratization of travel: yep, 75 percent of us check our phones on the toilet. #alwayson
.@Expedia4Hotels Susan Spinney with @airbnb @MMGYglobal @Hotel_News_Now on democratization of travel | closing session @ #HDC17 https://t.co/muQAlCT4XW
Amazon looks to new food technology for home delivery https://t.co/KiPwbDO1cT
@expediaforhotels Mark Morrison at #hdc17 talking about disrupting the disruptors: "address unmet customer needs"
.@Expedia4Hotels Mark Morrison at #HDC17 talking about disrupting the disruptors: just address unmet customer needs https://t.co/w0mDY285ei
The Company Program That Gives You an 'Extra Day' of Productivity Per Month https://t.co/gi9SjFjdnu
Plant-based diet? Sure, but first understand what it means. https://t.co/660OcoUbwF https://t.co/b2ILt0bgsq
18 Reasons Why Being Left-Handed Will Give Your Kid A Leg Up In Life https://t.co/yuvHCA9VQm
Shared a sneak peek of @bolthousefarms new Plant Protein Milk with RDs at @thebutchersdaughter_official in NY. Delicious in iced matcha lattes, and 10g of protein! #plantprotein #plantbased #nondairy #peaprotein #allergyfriendy #milkmakeover
Enjoying some team time outdoors #longweekend #backyardbbq #craftedpr
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some of our favorite chips and dips today!
Why Sorry is So Hard to Say by Lisa RobinsonI
can’t remember a time when every where we look we have seen so many brands in
crisis – and so many who didn’t handle it right. Monday Morning quarterbacks
everywhere weighed in on what United Airlines, Pepsi, ...
Organic free range unicorns for all! #unicornfrappuccino
Lots of new and exciting things showcased at #expowest from some of our amazing clients!
Can't wait to check out all the healthy new products and wellness trends at #expowest
Advice to Our Younger Peers on International Women’s Day There has never been a better time for women in the workforce –
6 Traits of Great Communicators by Lisa Robinson

People wrongly assume that great communicators are born with a gift for oratory genius. The reality is, most talented communicators work hard at their craft. What separates good from great communicators comes down to a few, but ...
Pitch Perfect: How to Write the Perfect Pitch By Ashley Goncena
With 2 months behind me as an Assistant Account Manager here at Crafted, I’ve pitched a wide variety of products, from peach-themed cocktails, to wireless Bluetooth headphones. Along the way I’ve gained plenty of experience drafting and ...
Expo East: Trends From The Show by Jessica Vitale

It’s no secret that the natural foods industry is exploding. Independent brands are growing as more mainstream consumers seek healthier products, while in the last year a slew of Big Food companies have purchased natural and organic ...

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