Predicting The Future Of Retail: A VC Perspective
Happy holidays from team @craftedpr ❄️
If You Use These Words, You May Be More Stressed Than You Realize
IAC’s Barry Diller: It took us about 90 seconds to identify Expedia’s new CEO #markokerstrom #expediapartners #expediapartnerconference #travel #thatsawrap
Industry icon @ianschrager: hotels need to focus on creating communal spaces ... to compete with home sharing #expediapartners #travelindustry #expediaforhotels #hospitality
Expedia CEO: despite what’s happening in world, $1.6 trillion travel spend continues #expediapartners #travel #expediapartnerconference
“Don’t be afraid to test different things, take risks” #marketing panel #travelmarketing #expediapartners
Facebook's New Messenger App For Kids Raises a Lot of Questions
Eating for your health is also better for the environment, study shows
Your spouse may drive you crazy, but your marriage might keep you from losing your mind
One-third of US workers could be jobless by 2030 due to automation: McKinsey
We’re Not Even Talking About Some of the Most Devastating Effects of Climate Change
We are thankful, every day. #craftedpr
LA friends, ready for your new fur baby? Our partner @foundanimals is hosting an Adopt & Shop this Sunday, we’d love to see you there. Link in bio.
Women's progress boosts men who 'marry up,' study says @sdlorman
Picking up supplies for an influencer event on a fall day in Seattle #worktravel
Vegetarian diets could reduce heart disease risk by almost 50 percent
Gabby Bernstein on Escaping Work and Drug Addiction to Prioritize Self-Care
Food Industry Blindsided As Trump Administration Supports Obama-Era Menu Labeling Effort
What Just 15 Minutes of Alone Time Can Do For Your Mood
This Psychological Term Helps Explain Why We Believe Fake News
Apple Categorizing Women's Bra Photos Isn't Surprising, But That Doesn't Make it Okay
Why Sorry is So Hard to Say by Lisa RobinsonI
can’t remember a time when every where we look we have seen so many brands in
crisis – and so many who didn’t handle it right. Monday Morning quarterbacks
everywhere weighed in on what United Airlines, Pepsi, ...
Advice to Our Younger Peers on International Women’s Day There has never been a better time for women in the workforce –
6 Traits of Great Communicators by Lisa Robinson

People wrongly assume that great communicators are born with a gift for oratory genius. The reality is, most talented communicators work hard at their craft. What separates good from great communicators comes down to a few, but ...
Pitch Perfect: How to Write the Perfect Pitch By Ashley Goncena
With 2 months behind me as an Assistant Account Manager here at Crafted, I’ve pitched a wide variety of products, from peach-themed cocktails, to wireless Bluetooth headphones. Along the way I’ve gained plenty of experience drafting and ...
Expo East: Trends From The Show by Jessica Vitale

It’s no secret that the natural foods industry is exploding. Independent brands are growing as more mainstream consumers seek healthier products, while in the last year a slew of Big Food companies have purchased natural and organic ...

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