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At many holiday tables across America, friends and family gather to share meals and tp what and to whom they are grateful. It is a beautiful custom, but like many, we know that gratitude should be expressed regularly. In the world of work, we are fond of saying thank you to our team, perhaps in wrap-up emails acknowledging great effort or to partners for their collaboration – but probably not often enough.

Crafted was founded nearly nine years ago when two former clients took the plunge with us and allowed our company of two employees to take root. Fast forward, and we are now a team of 15 servicing unique brands worldwide. This team is full of intelligence, intuition, brilliance, creativity, empathy and humor. We have grown together – and with our partners – to be at the top of our game. 

As a team, we’d like to thank our partners, from the bottom of our hearts, for working with a small-by-design firm that works tirelessly to garner the results you deserve. Thank you for collaborating with us through all that life and business throw our way. You allow us to grow with you through messaging and strategy sessions, creative brainstorms, trade shows, conferences, content development, experiential events, and media relations. We are eternally grateful for the great compliment you could give us – allowing us to support your business objectives – and we, in turn, will do everything we can to help you succeed.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.