Most agencies start with a dream or vision; Crafted Communications started with clients. 

Ten years ago, when the Crafted founders were at a wonderful multinational agency, the company faced a dilemma many firms confront. A significant global food company wanted to hire them as the agency of record. This would require the resignation of several smaller brands, one of which had been a client for many years. We decided it would be better to tell this client in person and made the trip to Vancouver.  

After some convincing by this long-term partner, we left Vancouver the next day with our first Crafted client and the aha moment that we were launching our firm. Our vision was laid out on the plane ride home. We listed what we loved about our large agency heritage. There were many things. We also listed what left us wanting more and what clients need from agencies.  

Crafted Communications was born literally on an airline beverage napkin. We would craft strategic and creative communications programs that moved the needle and contributed to the bottom line. This remains as true today, 10 years in, as it was then.  

Our goal is simple. We aspire to be one of the best agencies with the highest quality of work. To focus on our clients and not ourselves. We spend our time at every level, including the most senior, on client results, not our IP. We have hired the most intelligent people from our past, added more incredible talent, and have focused on creating an agency where we would want to work during every stage of our careers. A safe environment where people are known, voices are heard, and the team is valued – at all levels. To provide a place where working mothers don’t just survive but thrive with a work-from-anywhere policy and a focus on work excellence, not hours billed.  

Over the last 10 years, we’ve had the pleasure of launching dozens of companies and hundreds of products. We’ve advised Fortune 500 brands, trained leaders, and have given voice to many more. With the move to integrated, affiliate, and content marketing, we’ve stayed ahead of communications curves and steered brands’ reputations at all levels. We rise to all occasions because we love what we do and who we do it with.  

We are so grateful to the client partners who have joined us on this journey, especially those who hired us early, knowing and trusting we’d be a strong partner. We are so grateful to our industry colleagues, former clients, and friends who have trusted us enough to refer their networks. And most of all, we are thankful to and for our fantastic team, which we consider the best in our business.  

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It is a wild, invigorating, scary, tumultuous, eye-opening, and sometimes messy journey of learning and growth. And we’ve loved every minute of it. We cannot wait for the next 10 years of crafting creative and brave communications programs. 

From all of us at Crafted, thank you!