As marketers, our branding ironically often falls to the wayside. We are laser focused on our clients, often to the detriment of our brand. Much time and thought were put into who we were when the agency was formed nearly 9 years ago – but as we know, companies and brands evolve. Today, we’re thrilled to share Crafted’s new look and feel.

Our brand purpose remains steadfast – to improve lives and industries, move societies forward, and doing things better for the planet. Our brand voice is bright, thoughtful, and impactful. Our brand colors reflect our voice (shoutout to Simply Creative). And as we’ve been since our inception, we’re people first. Our team, our partners, and the vast audience of journalists, influencers, analysts, and end consumers we regularly work with and for.

The average tenure of our leadership team is 20+ years, with experience across nearly every multinational agency – and we touch every single client, every day. We’ve also brought in the best and brightest at every level, and learn from the bottom, up every day. Voices flow in all directions in our agency, with the knowledge that great ideas come from every one of us.

As we move towards a decade together, we could not be more excited about what lies ahead.

We hope you like our new branding and website (another shoutout, to Brick House Interactive) as much as we do. Feel free to drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you –